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If you recall, I participated in your Kilimanjaro Marathon Tour in Feb 11.

At that time I thought your tour was fantastic.....now that I have done another similar type tour I can surely say your tour was MORE THAN FANTASTIC!!! I just got back from a trek in the Himalayas and there was no comparison between your organized tour and the one I just got back from, where the food was not that great, the water was questionable and the guides no where near as attentive or knowledgable as those who led us up and down Kilimanjaro. Kudos once again to you and your great team!

Kristina from Canada
My wife and I are big fans of Kathy Loper running trips. It's like traveling with a group of friends,
except everything is arranged for you. Kathy is a good planner and organizer and if problems
arise she solves them. She's a runner herself so she understands what runners need and want,
and our peculiar eccentricities. To top it off she's approachable and friendly. We feel like we have
personal attention rather than being just a number.

Great trips!
Richard and Baiba St. John

Super job on the Bolt to the Q race this past weekend - as always with your
events, all participants enjoyed themselves immensely.  The many special
touches made this run especially fun, and it should quickly become a local
favorite.  I have now run 5 of your races straight, and over the years have
run many, many more- I wonder if there is anyone who has run more of your
races than me - probably there is, but I doubt anyone has enjoyed your races
more than me!

I know and appreciate how much effort a race takes and appreciate your super
job over the years!
Warm regards, Jim
Dear Kathy,

I am a former participant in your Great Wall Marathon tour in 2008. I recently returned to China (Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Hong Kong). I went with a school trip for health out reach. It was a nice trip and I saw things that I wouldn't see on a strictly tourist focused trip. However, this experience showed me how incredibly wonderful your trip planning and knowledge of China is.

In great contrast to the trip I just went on your trip was beautifully planned and expertly organized. You knew which spots to go for good priced souvenirs and shopping. You kept us in the cultural areas and gave a taste of local foods and options to find comforting western food if needed. I always felt informed and confident in venturing out on our own because you had provided enough information. Also the sites we saw were amazing. Waiting on people rarely seemed to be an issue if any and everything just felt as if it flowed.

I am incredibly grateful that your tour was my first introduction to China. Whatever resources or methods you have for choosing locations, activities, restaurants and tours sets you apart from any other tour experience I have participated in. I wanted to take the time to let you know how wonderful you and your team are and the great work that you do.

I look forward to participating in another Kathy Loper Event in the next 2-3 years. I have my heart on the Kenya, or Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia trip.

Thank you again for the wonderful service and fun that you provide. I think what you do is amazing and caters to a unique and adventurous group of people and I appreciated it with all my heart and worldly curiosity.

Warmest regards,
Jei (Jesica) Leigh

Keep on Running, Keep on Exploring

2010 Kilimanjaro participants present their adventure.

Anne and Brian
First, I would like to say Thank You for such a wonderful time and tour in China. Second, I would like to ask you what the possibilities are of you adding more races to your event list? I hesitate to travel with any other travel groups because you set such a high standard with your organization and events/activities prepared for us.
I am on my journey of a ½ marathon on each of the seven continents and would really prefer to do all my traveling with Kathy Loper Events. Soooooooo, what are the chances of adding a race from each of the continents to your event list?

Mindy from Texas
Hi Kathy,
I just returned from the Great Wall Marathon (incredible event) and I had to email you about how often your name came up. We booked with a different travel agent only because my husband is a million mile flyer with United and we could fly business for free with awards. Thus we were with a group of runners who had done the same thing. The entire week we laughed about how we were all flying by the seat of our pants and not knowing if anyone would pick us up or if we really were going to have a hotel room when arriving in China. The comment all week when we didn't know what was happening was to find a "Kathy Loper" runner because they knew all the details. Your group was always on time, always informed and to top it off you had a cooler of drinks for your group at the end of the marathon. We all had a blast and laughed at the layed back way of our agent, but in the end everyone kept saying....next time it is Kathy Loper!!!!

SAIL from CA

Great Wall Marathon Challenges Runners

Foothill Flyers Race Reviews - Kilimanjaro Tour 2006

Hi Kathy,
Just want to say thanks again for a wonderful event. Solveig had a great time too, and she was not really that excited about it before we went. Now she can't stop raving about it. You and your crew did a fantastic job with the organizing, planning, and handling of the whole thing. Not a hint of classic hasher mismanagement.

If there is any way in which I can assist you with publicity or anything useful out here in the Eastern hashing world, don't hesitate to let me know. Let me be clear that my offer is absolutely without expectations and no strings are attached. I simply like you and your crew (Kurt, Jim, and Nancy) and the way you operate. The GWM experience exceeded my high expectations.

zebras...Links to videos from 2005 Kilimanjaro Tour

and 2005 Great Wall Marathon from Michigan Runner.

Art and Jennie McCafferty

Great Wall and Cambodia

I have done two of kathy's trips, including great wall in 2004. absolutely a 5-star trip. couldn't have a better itinerary or a better host. i am only sorry i haven't been able to go on any since, but my wife and i will sooner rather than later. the trip to cambodia was fabulous also. i have never talked to anyone on her trips who didn't think it was as good as it can get.

i liked the trips so much i sold stories to Runner's World magazine, Running Times and Michigan Runner magazine, trying to recruit others to go, too.

the views from the great wall are worth every bit of the struggle to get there, both physically and financially

tom henderson

Angkor Wat, Cambodia Thanks again for a great trip. I want to say again how important the support of the running group was for me during the race and the rest of the trip. I was aprehensive when we signed up, knowing that there would probably be a lot of veteran runners or"real runners" (I never condsider myself a real runner) on the trip. I was feeling a little unsure of myself to say the least. But I have to say that you and Kurt and the rest of the group made me feel very comfortable. It was great.

I wish to let people know that they will not be intimidated by faster more experienced runners, but rather will have a great opportunity to learn from them. Once again, we both enjoyed the trip and traveling partners. We are looking forward to more Kathy Loper Events in the future.
Renee & Don, Minnesota

Great Wall, China comments on previous adventures -
Great Wall, China (2004)

From time to time I run across some pix from GWM or Bangkok and think about how well you operate the events compared with any others I have done.
The one to Cuba is the only one that even comes close.
Ken from Ohio

Hi Kathy,

Once again I want to tell you what a fabulous time I had in China. 
You did a fantastic job of planning events throughout the 10 days. 

Mary Beth S., Chicago, IL

Hi Kathy!

Just wanted to let you know that my trip to China was absolutely wonderful. Great fun.  
Great people.  Great planning.   It was all very well done.  Everything from the food 
to the hotels to the side-trips exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed it.
Thank you.
AlexAnndra O., New York City

Thank you so much for making the Great Wall Marathon 2004 trip so memorable.  
I wanted to let you know how well organized and well run the trip was.  
 I would recommend it to others for sure. It was terrific to meet you, I admire  
 (and am envious of!) how you've combined your passions of running and travel 
 into a successful business. I will certainly keep in mind some of your other trips .  
 There were so many terrific people in our group.
Best regards,
Kristin  S., New York, New York

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for everything and let
you know what a wonderful experience I had.  
I have been on many tours in my life and visited over 40 countries.  
This was the best run tour to date and a wonderful experience over all.  
The coordination and organization was amazing! I take my hats off to you 
and your colleagues.   
I look forward to traveling with you again and I am telling everyone about 
the trip and you tours.  I can not tell you how impressed I am.  
T.Zielinski, Chicago

I want to restate that I owe you a debt of gratitude for my personal 'trip
of a lifetime'. I had a wonderful time and still have to remind myself that
this actually happened. This was not a dream. I had an awesome time with
wonderful people that was professionally coordinated with flair and
precision. The guides were well versed in the history and cultural of China.
They were quite personable which provides a better 'feel' for the country.
Having guides from each region that we visited really is the best way to get
in-depth information. The food was differennt but good. The accomodations
were good. We were close to the action in Bejing and close to the night life
in the luxurious Shangri-La in Xi An. The welcome party was comforting and
the awards ceremony was fantastic.

Kathy, you are awesome! You responded to all my queries and provided a
comfort zone before I left. You also left us with a feeling that everything
would work out fine. And it did.

Thank you for creating the opportunity to make this happen.
Chaga W., Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for aswering these emails as quickly as you do!!  
It is definitely the way to get in contact with you!!  
I am so looking forward to our trip!!  Will see ya there!!
Teresa M., Detroit, MI

Article in The Durango Colorado newspaper on Great Wall 2004 tour.
Paula Lutz

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